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2005 in facts and images

House of Future (Jövő Háza)
Budapest 16 December 2005 - 31 December 2006

Utopia: Past of the Future
Thanks to: DNN, Balázs Fekete, Gyula Várnai, Miklós Debreceni, Ede Gaál
Photo: Zoltán Kerekes

Closed Circuits
Budapest Gallery, Lajos street exhibition space
Budapest 20 October - 20 November 2005

Past Cuts, Contraction, Directing (all 2005), Encyclopaedia (2000/2005) more
Thanks to: Tamás Török, photos: Zoltán Kerekes

Roxy Art House
Edinburgh 12 May - 12 June 2005

After Laika
Thanks to: Richard Leat

Art Frankfurt
(with Erika Deák Gallery)
Frankfurt/Main April - May 2005
Erika Deák Gallery at Art Frankfurt
Lights I-III

(with Erika Deák Gallery)
Vienna April 2005
Erika Deák Gallery at Viennart

Arte Fiera
(with Erika Deák Gallery)
Bologna March 2005
Erika Deák Gallery at Arte Fiera
Lights I-III

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