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Eike Berg: SHIFT - Fear and Curiosity, 3D simulation of the exhibition spaces in the Künstlerhaus Göttingen

The planned artworks in each room will be presented one after the other from January to March 2022.


Solo exhibition in the Künstlerhaus, Göttingen
03/04/2022 - 01/05/2022

SHIFT: Fear & Curiosity
Biographical Retrospective –
exhibition concept in progress

The exhibition SHIFT, conceived for the Künstlerhaus Göttingen, presents multimedia works in five rooms, taking visitors on a diverse journey through the interplay of personal experience and electronic media. “I think about virtual space as much as I think about “real”, physical space. I’m interested in the properties, the parameters, the structure, and how the viewer’s perception is altered by virtual space.” (Eike Berg in an interview with Zsolt Kozma: “About the things behind the mirror”)


Imagine: A 12-year-old boy, who is supposed to stand at attention during the flag roll call at school, secretly sketches the hated principal with a few quick strokes. Who doesn‘t like to go out to the street because the worlds in his books are much more expansive and varied, and a punch in the face doesn‘t hurt as much as outside. Who was assumed to be a girl because of his name, and later also because of his long hair. At first, it embarrassed him but at some point, it became a conscious relativization of boundaries on his part.

A teenager in a painter‘s apprenticeship, whom his colleagues, although not understanding him, allowed to make portraits of them on the ladder. Who makes Super-8 recordings of his dying mother and immortalizes them afterwards as a storyboard without stopping the film. Who always had a pen and camera with him on his frequent journeys.

A young person who sees atmospheres: Light, geometry, movement, the unspoken, the deceptive, the complex, the border-crossing, the unclassifiable, the joining of opposites, the view from many perspectives, freedom. To whom reality was often frightening but he did not want to be frightened. Defiance and the love of life made him curious and receptive. He was always in search of new forms and processes to record and communicate his experiences.Who experienced fear as the source of curiosity. Curiosity as a survival strategy.