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Galerij Skuc, Ljubljana 1995 Műcsarnok, Budapest 2001
1995, versions: 1-8 (1-4 channel video), double (2 channel video)
1-8 stands, glass, monitors

Two to eight small monitors with the screen facing downwards on one to eight vitrines. 8 half-glazed stands, on each a monitor-screen facing downward, where a head is repeatedly submerged in water, screams during short emerges; the same tape played on the different monitors with time-delay, a site-specific composition originates;
Version 1-8: one stand ca. 1x1x5 ft, a presentation includes 1-8 elements
Version double: stand 1x2x5 ft, 2 monitors
  • Thanks to: Denis Stuart Rose


Collection Ludwig, Ludwig Museum, Budapest 2006 (double)
frames'games, Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin 2001 (double)
Compatibility, ZOO Galerie, Nantes 2001 (double)
Hungarian Sculpture (Szobrászaton innen és túl), Műcsarnok, Budapest 2001 (double)
Impulse, Protokoll Gallery, Cluj, 2000 (wall version)
Rudolf-Wilke-Preis, Brücke Gallery, Braunschweig, 1996 (8 elements)
Butterfly Effect, Műcsarnok, Budapest, 1996 (1 element - demonstration)
Ostranenie, Bauhaus, Dessau 1995 (4 elements)
Through Glass, Galeriji Skuc, Ljubljana, 1995 (4 elements)
Run, Abbey Liesborn, Liesborn, 1995 (8 elements)