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The Corner in My Mind

2000, looped video, silent, DVD 3'25", edition 5 + mastercopy

The camera is revolving continuously: it renders a rhythm to the vision as the different corners of the room, mirrors, the actors and the adjoining rooms appear again and again. A guy puts on make up while a girl is watching him. After the guy finished, the girl jumps up. He gives her a kiss, she leaves the room and outside with a light gesture she wipes the lipstick off her cheek.
  • Actors: Ibolya Erdös, Eike


Budapest Box, Ludwig Museum Budapest / Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest, 2002
Unstable Narratives, hARTware, Dortmund, 2002
You Are Here!, Deák Erika Gallery, Budapest, 2002
Transit, Millenium Park, Budapest, 2001
frames'games, Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin, 2001
Short Stories, Budapest Gallery , Budapest, 2001
Impulse, Protokoll Gallery, Cluj, 2000
Out of Shape, Municipal Art Museum, Győr, 2000


László Hemrik
Új Művészet, Budapest, May 2001

(Short) story-telling – or: we are outdoors if the weather is great

(...) EIKE shows a really new possibility of story-telling in his short video loop The Corner in My Mind (2000). The visiter stands in the middle of the room, two monitors are placed in two corners of the room. On each the same enterieur is shown, that is taken by a continously revolving camera, played with a small time delay. A man and a woman "intercourse", maintain in relation to each other". Our glance snap from one camera to the other without volition. It seems like the film surrounds us, and this in a very sensible way.