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Eike: Diary Entries, photo: Endre Koronczi
Diary Entries / Watchable and Unwatchable, Malom, Szentendre 2010, photo: Endre Koronczi


Diary Entries 01-06 / single channel videos


2010, video objects, screens in plexi boxes, 30x40x6cm with single channel videos 0'05" each, open series

Diary Entries presents ‘preserved‘ video sequences in transparent cases on the wall.

The time-trapped moments of personal video footage appear in a setting where the selected sequences are distilled into artworks. The juxtaposition of Eike’s objects Diary Entries and the installation Time Trap, the comparison of these two forms of presentation reveals even more directly the similarity of the processes and the results of archiving. Making the ‘preserves’ of memory, and turning experiences into art – another form of archiving.

The plexi boxes allow us to see the structure of the vehicle, the physical medium of the work, calling attention to the beauty, to the aesthetic of the structure itself, and also to the significance of the medium, to its indivisibility from the meaning. Philosophical but very clear and simple, and also playful at the same time.

Zsolt Kozma


NKA This art work is supported by the
National Cultural Fund of Hungary.