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2003 in facts and images

Atelierraum Martin Vesely
Vienna 24 November - 12 December 2003
At the opening
After Laika
Thanks to: Barbara Sturm, Sabine Jelinek, Ferenc Eln, Hungarian Cultural House

(with Erika Deák Gallery)
Berlin September 2003
After Laika (video), After Laika (photographs 1-3)

Portrait (Portré)
Erika Deák Gallery
Budapest June 2003
I am a little girl

Subjective Space (solo)
Allgemeiner Konsumverein
Braunschweig 12 June - 10 July 2003

Tuning 3.0, Golden Cage, After Laika, After Laika (photographs 1-3), X=X+1 (INCREmental), The Corner in My Mind, Interim
Thanks to: Denis Stuart Rose, Helga Licht, Anne Müller von der Haegen, Inge Schöbel, Braunschweiger Landschaft e.V., DNN Professional Graphics

Zoom Festival
Apolló cinema
Pécs 15 - 18 May 2003
Golden Cage

Creme II (Krém II)
Budapest 12 May - 28 July 2003
At the opening, photo: Zoltán Kerekes
After Laika, After Laika (photographs 1-3)
Thanks to: Anikó Erdősi

Harakiri Bonbon
Hamburg 25 March - 4 May 2003

X=X+1 (INCREmental) - on monitor in an installation with Caspar Stracke and Jörn Zehe

(with Erika Deák Gallery)
Madrid 11 - 17 February 2003
Erika Deák Gallery at ARCO
After Laika (video), After Laika (photographs 1-3)

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