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Dark Side of Utopia, Streetview Anderlecht, invitation
Dark Side of Utopia | Invitation
Streetview Anderlecht, simulation of the exhibition space
Streetview Anderlecht | Simulation of the exhibition space


Solo exhibition with Alexandra Dementieva
Curator: Marianne Csáky

Streetview Anderlecht
23 Rue Raphael, Brussels/Anderlecht

Exhibition opening:
12 May 2023, Friday 6 pm
Duration: 13/05/2023 - 28/05/2023
Open on weekend afternoons and by appointment

The exhibition Dark Side of Utopia is like the dark side of the moon - not a dystopia, but a view that you never get to see from Earth. A projection surface on which one can mentally mirror and distort the world surrounding us, our fears and hopes, with artistic means. Ideas of possible futures always have their beginning in the present, which thus becomes understandable in an intuitive way.

Dark Side of Utopia combines the artistic approach of two artists; with their media-based art works they sensitize us in many different ways, encourage us to take a closer look, open up unknown perspectives....

Alexandra Dementieva/, born in Russia, has lived in Brussels for over 20 years. She investigates traces of past events in the digital media and reflects on behavioral patterns and cultural mechanisms that are characteristic of contemporary society.

Eike Berg, born in Halle/Saale,/Germany, was influenced in his artistic development over 20 years in Budapest. Central to his experiments with digital media and technology is his interest in change and transitions: Reality and abstraction, digital and physical space.