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© photos: Máté Csató


Media art works from Hungary at the festival Art Stays 9 in Ptuj/Slovenia.
Date: 20/07/2011 - 05/09/2011
Location: Ptuj, Dravska Street 8
More information:, tel: +386 30 617 767

Beöthy Baláz
Marianne Csáky
Máté Csató
Miklós Erhardt
Endre Koronczi
László László Révész
Katarina Sevic
Szacsva y Pál
Eszter Szabó
Csongor G. Szigeti
Rita Varga

Videos, objects and installations connected to people. People with fears, fragile, unsettled by what surrounds them, and, in the meantime, focusing on themselves.

Digital art presented as a reflection and extension of »analogue« human feelings. How it is about people who try to understand and handle their life. People who realise that there could be something better. People who sense danger and look for safety. Curious people. Sometimes only slow animation. Unconscious motion. Text. A subjective survey of Hungarian media art.

There is a situation in Hungary and more or less all over the human world, that seemed to move in the wrong direction. The economical status of people gets unstable. The euphoria about the system change in the socialist countries in the late 1980-ies tilt over to a global feeling of insecurity. Society seems to become more unjustly. The result is a doubt about the known strategies of continuous developing, a disbelief in the survived political theories, those pass into questioning the private life prospects. The fear appears that one could be basically wrong with one's beliefs, conclusions and hopes. But There Must Be an Exit!